WhatsApp Plus APK v6.0.1 Download For Android – Latest Version

We all know that gradually shifting towards the whole new digital world which makes out our distance more closely. For instance, before a decade, we used to send an SMS with a charge to our friends and family. Later, the gear shifts completely towards the internet. Once gear has shifted, the total control of the internet has reached our way without any difficulties. We have started to check out a lot of applications hidden in the Google PlayStore to make use of it on our Android devices. Apart from the availability of various applications, people are always showing their interest towards messaging application.

Among the available message applications, WhatsApp application said to be the topmost for its amazing and exciting features. This application had literally broken the jinx of paying money for each SMS. Probably, it just needs an internet connection to share your text or photos. This thing has led to huge popularity across the globe. Moreover, the application doesn’t require any payment to utilize where you can use it for free of cost. But the sad part of this application, it usually comes up with a lot of restrictions which lead the users to use with more limitations. At the end of the day, users have started to pour their feedbacks for its features.

Thus the major highlight is developers have developed the application called WhatsApp plus apk. Once you started to use this application, you will experience some of the exciting features as well which haven’t witnessed in the original version. When it comes to downloading this application, it is free to download at any time. At the same time, it is also easy for the user to access this application. All you can expect from this application is a huge number of features. By using this application, you can also add one more WhatsApp account to utilize.

Features of WhatsApp plus

WhatsApp Plus
WhatsApp Plus

As we mentioned earlier, this application is coming out with more benefits along with the features like hiding double ticks, hide blue ticks, do not disturb and more. However, here we are sharing some of the features to check out to know more about this application. Let’s follow the features mentioned here.

Maximum limit to upload: Generally, in the original version of an application, we can send the video up to 16MB, but with this application, you can send up to 50MB.

Hide last seen: This feature will help the user to hide the last seen from the individuals. So, people who want to hide last seen can make use of this great application.

Hide typing: It is such a useful feature where you miss to find in the original version. By using this application, the user can hide the typing status at any time and make a lot of fun.

Hide double tick: When it comes to using this feature, your sender will not get a clue of delivered status. Yes, it will allow hiding the double tick while texting or sharing the photos or videos. You can get some great WhatsApp Attitude Status here.

Hope the above mentioned features will satisfy the seekers while using the application on an Android device.

Download & Install WhatsApp Plus APK

One must know that this application is said to be the modified version of an original WhatsApp application. In this case, make sure to keep it in mind that this application is not available in the Google PlayStore to download but you can find out of the store. To enjoy all the benefits of this application, you can install it on your Android device at any time. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers when it comes to using this application on the device.

Well, it is important for you to know more about the installation guide of this application on your device. To run this application on your device, make sure to follow the essential steps mentioned below.

  1. First, download the WhatsApp.APK from the link above.
  2. Now, visit the settings of your Android device and enter security to enable the Unknown sources.
  3. Once enabling Unknown sources, you can bring any third party application like WhatsApp plus on your device.
  4. After the successful downloading process, you need to search for the downloaded file and click to install further on your device.
  5. Wait for a few seconds to complete the whole installation process.
  6. Then you need to tap the application and verify your phone number.
  7. Finally, you can experience the best features of this application on your Android device.

Make sure to follow all the steps without missing any steps for the smooth installation process on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need rooted device to install WhatsApp plus?

If you are looking for this application to download on your device, you don’t need any rooted device. Yes, you can install the application without any rooting. However, it is also possible to install on any rooted or not rooted devices.

Is this application safe to use?

We have mentioned already that this application is completely said to be the modified version of the original WhatsApp. So, it is absolutely safe for the user to use on their device without any hassles.

Is it possible to use both original WhatsApp and this mod application?

The major highlight is where you can use both the versions on the device at any time. At the same time, you can also use the other mod version of WhatsApp.

Screenshots of WhatsApp Plus Apk

Download WhatsApp Plus APK
Download WhatsApp Plus APK
WhatsApp Plus App
WhatsApp Plus App
WhatsApp Plus backup Feature
WhatsApp Plus backup Feature

Final words

As we experienced that the original WhatsApp application is quite secure and has a lot of limitations while using on a device. But with the help of this modded version application, you can bring out the potential of official application with hassle-free.

When it comes to the usage of this application on a device, it doesn’t consume much battery. WhatsApp Plus APK will offer you the best speed performance on your phone by without slowing down.